E-Commerce Website Design – Avoids Some Common Mistake

E-Commerce Website DesignInternet has opened many avenues of the business. Now a business shop can remain opened for 24/7. Reach of the business extended throughout the world, no boundaries is binding it. Not a single penny need to spend on mailing and call centers for a business. One question need to be answered among the all ever green visions about e-commerce and that is whether it fulfills all the requirements and expectation of the end users called customers when go to shopping in brick and mortar stores. Answers say many times, yes, but sometimes, no. E-commerce store many a times committed some common mistakes and lacks features that one ideal ecommerce store should have. Here we will discuss some common mistakes many committed during designing an ecommerce store.


Navigation is a key which leads your customers to its final destination – Product. Many times site misses the good navigations or have a confusing navigation plan and users found themselves unable to reach their expected products. Whether products are misplaced in their proper categories or categories have no product at all or have very few, unrelated!

To avoid such mistakes; plan out your categories and navigation elements carefully when you are going to prepare your catalogue. Assure that every category have enough number of products. There should be easy navigation to go to categories, shopping cart or move around the site without any confusion.


There are many issues related to products some of them are as below:

No product centric design

Many ecommerce sites put emphasis on the website design elements, bells and whistles, instead of product itself. Just think about physical store where they take care of product and keep it in lime light. Other elements are created to support the product enhancement and all themes are about the products. E-commerce store needs same approach. Keep product centric design

Insufficient Product details

Just tell me what are you doing when you are shopping in a brick and mortar store? You will pick up a product, feel it, look at it from all possible angles, read labels or ask about it to the sales persons. These all is not possible in online business and you need to simulate it. There is Papervision 3D flash which empowers you to see your product from any angle. You can give as much as information regarding to your products like size, material, dimensions, weights, care instruction, comments, brand information, etc. depending on the products types. Don’t forget to use simple descriptive language instead of technical one.

Product Images

Many ecommerce stores give only one image of the product. As discussed before that you can not interact with product directly in online business therefore you need more than one product images which depict various angle of the product. Product need enhancement of some of its features therefore, includes the detailed shots of that features. Tiny product images won’t work here.

Related Products

In brick and mortar stores you will find products related to the main product, for instance you have cell phone as a main product then you will find cell phone cases as a related product there. If you don’t have such arrangement then give it’s a try. You will have more revenue in e-commerce too!